First Time Home Owner Loans South Carolina


First Time Home Buyer Loans
In this day and age, things aren’t as easy as they once were for first time home buyers but don’t let that stop you from trying if you are ready. There are actually still a few good options that can get you in a home with zero down payment.
If you are eligible for a VA loan, this will be your best bet for 100% financing. Visit our VA Loan page for more information.
Another great way to get into a home without any money down is a USDA rural development loan. If the home you are purchasing is located in a rural or semi-rural area, then this type of financing may be available to you. Visit our USDA page for more information about these loans.
If you have some money to use as a down payment, then you will have a wider variety of financing options. If your loan scenario does not fit the VA or USDA parameters, then conventional financing may be available to you assuming you have some down payment funds. 
So for first time buyers, the options are still out there and as you can see, a large savings account and perfect credit aren’t always a requirement. 
For more details about these programs, call Bob Graybill at 803-771-0080